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Ageless Perspective

”They are the one’s that were never rescued.”

Hear me when I say that the rescue and restoration of children is VITAL… as well as, the rescue and restoration of those over 15, especially boys, but it is unfortunately more sparse. Within the city we work in and within this field, the boys are the minority. After thourough research, we found that we are one of the only organizations in the area that has a program for men. When we pondered on why, it was because the need for women and children is so vast. When we inquired about working with those over 15, partnering organizations agreed that is was more difficult to obtain funds and resources. Why? Because its not the “sexy” thing to do. Because honestly, more people want to give to programs that are caring for children. Because in the laws and many people's one age it's rape and then a passing birthday can make it a choice or "not as bad" because you're of age. Because a 4-year-old being raped is more appealing within storytelling than a 40-year-old. These are frustrating yet real findings. One’s that I myself have fallen into when first starting this work. But what people forget and what I was just reminded of, is that that 40-year-old was that 4-year-old…. they just never got rescued.

We want rescue and restoration for all those enslaved, no matter age or gender. We want your skills and heart beat to create a rhythm of freedom for all those within this nefarious crime. We want to provide the most excellent and integral relationships and aftercare for the 2-year-old and the 60-year-old.

We vow to never forget or stop fighting for the one’s that were never rescued.


-Kaylie Housewright, Free Rain International Co-Founder

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