Prior to leaving I said to myself, ‘wow a month’, that seems like forever. I would think back to events that happened a month ago in my life and remember about how fast the time had passed… I guess that was a tactic to ease my nervous homesick inclined self.

I quickly wondered upon my arrival to Thailand, if they had some sort of time vortex, I began to wish my month was 3 months. Days passed so fast, weeks went by and then before you knew it I was 10 days away from going home. The 18th day of my trip is what impacted me the most. We had taken the students out for a photoshoot, where we got to capture their pure beauty and grace and it was absolutely amazing! Their personalities came to life as they laughed and had fun taking photos together. There were moments that I would look around and think to myself, ‘How did I get here?’ ‘Why me?’, I literally stick out like a sore thumb here, but none of that mattered. There was UNITY! Despite skin color, languages (even though I tried my best to speak Thai), talents, careers, and backgrounds there was a oneness in this group! Our differences did not matter, what mattered was that my whole time there, we were learning about each other and we were teaching each other! Whether it was a lesson on hair, or a lesson on how to say certain Thai words, we came together on the fact that we needed each other! There is a certain bond you share with someone when you realize you cannot do something without them; now of-course I could have learned Thai elsewhere and they could have learned a certain haircut from someone else but there, in those moments we only had each other.

That was my favorite part of this whole trip, discovering that unity and oneness. Shear Love was our common ground, something we shared, a place where we learned, felt welcome, felt loved and felt safe! All of that included, our biggest help and similarity was JESUS, He was the ultimate reason there was unity, He is our common ground, and our source of hope. There is absolutely no way Shear Love could happen or go on without His orchestration. He is prefect, He is diverse, He is safe, and we are all creations of Him. Despite the evil and darkness that lurks in the streets of Pattaya He is still present, He is the reason each of those students are in this program, He is the answer to all of the “Why’s?” I had, and in His perfect love, across oceans and continents He brought me to Shear Love to teach and love on these beautiful men and women who have been rescued from slavery. He gave me a drive, a motivation, and hope that there WILL be an end to this injustice and Shear Love is doing a great work in getting the world there! I am so blessed to have been a part of it all!!!

-Anna Mills, Guest Educator Thailand

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