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It's Never Too Late

There is a student at Shear Love that is older then most, she is at a point in her life where the majority of people are retiring, but she is completely starting over. This woman exudes joy, and strength, and dignity. She is the first to show up to school everyday, waiting to greet her teachers and classmates with the best smile you've ever seen. She comes to class daily ready to learn and tackle any assignment we give her, she is persistent and intent on being the best she can. I went to Thailand to teach her how to become a hairstylist, but she taught me how to be a brave woman, and that's it's never too late to start fresh. I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of her life, and for her to be apart of mine.

Teaching at Shear Love feels a lot like being in my salon at home most days. We show up, learn new techniques, play with hair, laugh, joke, dance... and while all of that is happening, for a moment I forget why our students are here. I look around and see their beautiful, kind faces, they are happy!! They have come from the worst circumstances, but they are happy!! They have made a decision to overcome their past and start a new life, and they are doing it with such joy. That takes a crazy amount of courage!! So to say these women are strong would be an understatement; they are warriors, fighting for their lives.

Meagan, International Guest Educator

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