In addition to educating women who are strong and empowered, we are creating honorable men in developing societies where few existed before. It is our vision to see strong and courageous men become leaders within their communities, provinces, and countries. The number of educational seminars and conferences for the empowerment of men pales in comparison to those for women. The amount of organizations that have been founded to serve and protect men is less than 20% of those that serve women. At Shear Love, we are creating independent thinkers and powerful leaders. In the process, we realized that we were doing women a great disservice by not empowering and educating men. 

Women must be empowered, but not to spite men. If we are doing everything we can to empower women, but not educating men in the process, then we will create an imbalance. We believe the imbalance has already occurred. We created our barbering program to educate men alongside women to be partnered in the workplace and in relationships. Our Educational Barbering Program offers men who have been exploited or vulnerable to trafficking a holistic training in men’s hair and facial design, financial training, personal development, hygiene, mentoring, and discipleship.

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