Our outreach team visits various red light districts on an average of 2-3 nights per week. We build relationships with those still being abused and exploited in the sex industry in order to offer them opportunity and freedom. To be effective, we strategically prayer walk the city and follow the Lord’s leading on specific locations to do outreach. We meet these men and women where they are, trusting that love can transform and lead them into a better life. As we pursue these people, we get to know their hearts, their background, how they got here, and the dreams that have been tucked away. Over time, we invite them to outreach parties where we get them out of the bar to enjoy good food and community. Giving them a safe place to get to know good-hearted people is the chance for them to taste the abundance waiting for them if they leave their life and choose freedom.

Another important aspect of outreach is reaching the men who seek to purchase sex from those being exploited. In our team's research, the men traveling here to buy sex did not decide to come here over night. It is usually because of the circumstances they have experienced throughout their lives. Whether it be abuse, abandonment, or trauma, the men our team have encountered each have deep wounds that they are attempting to heal through manufactured and forced relationships. Many of the men don't even realize they are directly participating and perpetuating the trafficking and exploitation of those most vulnerable.

Being a part of outreach requires commitment, intentionality, prayer, unwavering faith, strength and clinging to hope above all. Whether it’s going into the brothels or passing out condoms to those still being explioted, our vision remains constant: to represent the light and love of Jesus. We want to create an atmosphere of acceptance and freedom wherever we go. Our goal is to build comfortable relationships with pure intentions. We want them to feel loved and cherished and know that they do not have to do anything to earn it. There is no denying that outreach is hard, but knowing that the men and women can one day have freedom, makes it all worth it. Each area of the red light districts has a heavy atmosphere of darkness, but we are out on an incredible mission to be a light in the darkness. The exploitation of humans is unjust and it is time to take a stand together for freedom.