Shear Love International is designed to educate and empower people by providing an education in hair design. Equipping people with vocational knowledge, financial training, and personal development will give them an opportunity to support their families in a dignified way.

Our full spectrum, faith-based, educational beauty school program will give them the chance to succeed and focus forward on their future.


Through our beauty and barber programs we equip students not just for their career, but for their life. They receive education, training, and support in the following areas:

• Haircutting, Color, and Styling

• Personal and Professional Financial Budgeting

• Knowledge in Hygiene and Personal Development

• Art Mentoring and Empowerment

• Daily Devotion and Disciplining

• Faith Based Counseling and Mentorship


Accessibility to Education

Our vision is to see every man and women in the world have access to a quality education.

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When a girl receives an education, she will impact the world. 

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Our beauty empowers women who are at risk and in need of opportunity to achieve their fullest potential through a career in cosmetology.


We created our barbering program to educate men alongside women to be partnered in the workplace and in relationships.


We build relationships with those still being abused and exploited in the sex industry in order to offer them freedom and opportunity.


From our short term to our long term volunteers, our educators have a lasting impact on our students. Teaching hands on with our beauties and our barbers, creating our curriculum, and mentoring are just a few things that our educational team gets to do at Shear Love. 


Hair Educator

Train our students in hair cutting, coloring, styling, and salon business.


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Makeup Artist

Educate our beauty students in basic makeup application, wedding, and stage makeup.

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English Teacher

Teach our students basic and intermediate English including grammar and vocabulary.



Mentor/ Counselor

Lead and guide our students through their pasts from abuse and trauma.


Volunteer FAQ

For all of the questions you might have before you apply.

One night here could easily look like another's worst nightmare. Night after night, hope can slip further and further away. Our outreach team visits various red light districts in Thailand on a weekly basis. Our goal is to build comfortable relationships with pure intentions in an atmosphere of acceptance. In order to remain involved in conversation, we are required to "buy" their time. In order to engage in any outside ministry opportunity, we are required to “buy” them for the entire night.

Join us on the mission to free them, if only for one night

Buy a man or woman out of the brothels for the night


Buy a man or woman out of a brothel for the night and treat them to a nice dinner


Enable our team to conduct statistical anti-trafficking research for one day


Enable our team to conduct statistical anti-trafficking research for one weekend in the red light district


Give 6 men or women a night out of the bars and a hosted dinner party with our outreach team


Give 12 men or women a night out of the bars and a hosted dinner party with our outreach team

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