We believe that through vocational training we have the opportunity to not only give women an education that they never had access to, but to change their lives and effectively the lives of everyone around them. Through this training we are able to show them their true worth and that they can accomplish any goal or dream that they set out for themselves. By giving them the tools to change their future we can change the future lives of their children, family, and their surrounding community.

Our Educational Program consists of a 12-month cosmetology program to teach our students a full cosmetology curriculum and the life skills to leave an start a successful career and life. Along with teaching cosmetology we also teach our students English, budgeting, life skills, and devotionals. Every day consists of an hour of English, an hour of devotionals, and then 3-4 hours of hair theory and practical lessons. Collectively from our staff, and many volunteers, we have now have our own  curriculum so we can consistently teach our current students and the students to come. Our short term volunteers come from one month to six months, whereas our long term volunteers come for 6 months or longer, and all come from all different backgrounds and specialties. We have an amazing Thai staff of translators that are truly incredible and help us in so many ways more than through translation. We strive to give our students the opportunity and tools to change their lives forever.

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