Volunteer FAQ

Q: Where does Shear Love International have volunteer opportunities?

A. International volunteer opportunities are currently in Thailand, Kenya, India, and throughout Southeast Asia. We have a few partners in SEA that we are unable to disclose due to the sensitivity of their location and the safety of their students and staff members. Once you apply you and choose the place you’d like to volunteer, we will see if you would be a good fit for one of our undisclosed locations.


Q: What is the minimum amount of time I can volunteer for?

A. We require guest hair and makeup educators to commitment to a minimum of one month, English teachers two months, and counselors/mentors six months or longer. To be a Lead Educator, you are required to commit to one year or longer.


Q: Are there any other opportunities to volunteer for other than the ones listed?

A. Yes, we are open to other educators and coming. If you feel that you can teach something useful to our students please submit an application and we will take your skill sets into consideration.


Q: Is Shear Love a faith-based organization?

A. Yes, we and our parent organization, Free Rain International, are faith-based organizations, but we do not require those we serve to be part of our faith to receive training and holistic care.


Q: Will I have to or can I do outreach in the brothels/bars if I am applying to be an educator?

A. As a Shear Love staff we decide this on a person by person basis according to the needs of our organization. We do not do outreach year round.


Q: How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this type of work?

A. If you have an open and willing heart, feel led to apply, and are over the age of 18, then you are a candidate. All hairstylists must be licensed to volunteer.


Q: How do I contact you if I have questions about the program?

A. Please submit an application before sending questions. If you have specific questions about the application you can fill out the contact form on our website. https://www.shearloveinternational.org/contact-1/


Q: Does Shear Love provide housing for me while I am volunteering?

A. No, you will need to find your own housing, but our Shear Love staff are happy to assist you in your search. Airbnb is a great resource to use for finding housing.


Q: How will I get around while I am volunteering?

A. Our Shear Love staff in Thailand each rent a motorbike for their transportation. To do this you will need to get an international driver’s license. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can use public transportation, which is available in India, Thailand, and Kenya. In addition, the Grab app is available as well as public busses, taxis, and motorbike taxis.


Q: Will I be able to use my phone and is there Wi-Fi available?

A. Yes, Wi-Fi and SIM cards are affordable and readily available in each country. Wifi can be spotty a times, but it is available. If selected to become a volunteer you will receive more information on this in the Welcome Packet.


Q: As a hairstylist, am I required to have a license/certification to volunteer?

A. Yes. American hairstylists are required to provide their state board issued cosmetology number. International stylists are required to provide proof of certification in their home country.


Q: As a hairstylist, I have certain strengths and weaknesses. What will I be teaching?

A. We have lesson plans created for each subject that you will be able to use and study. We definitely want you to use your strengths as you teach. We are flexible and encourage you to apply so that we can discuss your teaching strengths further.


Q: When will I hear if my application has been approved or denied?

A. We receive a lot of applications and take each one seriously. We are limited to how many volunteers we are able to accept each year. We ask for your patience as it may take two months or longer to hear back on your application process. We do apologize as not all applicants will be accepted.

Q: What can I or should I wear when I’m in volunteering? Is there a dress code?

A. Yes, we have a dress code for each country. If you are asked to be a Shear Love volunteer, this as well as other more specific items will be covered in the Welcome Packet.


Q: What is the weather like in Thailand/South East Asia?

A: Hot! Hot! Hot! Temperatures cool to 70ºF/21ºC during the months of November to January. Temperatures rise to 110ºF/43ºC during the months of March to May. Rainy season is during the months of August to October, but it tends to rain sporadically throughout the year.


Q: What’s the weather like in Kenya?

A: Temperatures range from 68°F/20°C and 82°F/28°C. Kenya is on the equator so they experience a real winter and real summer. February is the hottest, July is the coldest, and April is the wettest.


Q: How much money will I need to raise?

A. This will depend on you length of stay. Please submit an application where we can further discuss a time commitment. Once you know how long you will be staying we can work on a budget and you can fundraise from there.


Q: Will I need a visa to travel and is it easy to obtain?

A: The length of your stay will determine if you will need a visa to travel to Thailand. If you are staying for 30 days or less, you will receive a visa on arrival in customs at the airport. If you are staying longer, you may need to apply for a 60-90 day visa. Please apply and we can discuss your visa options further.